5 Things You Should Know About Tile and Grout Cleaning

by | Jan 4, 2022 | Tile and Grout Cleaning

Tile surfaces are common in many homes. It makes your home look finished and adds a certain elegance. However, having tile surfaces also comes with the need for tile and grout cleaning. Tile surfaces and grout can grow dingy and dirty, leading to an overall diminished appearance in your home over time. As a homeowner with tile and grout surfaces, there are a few essential things you should know about the process of keeping them clean. 

In this post, we will cover 5 things you should know about tile and grout cleaning. 

1. Grout Collects Bacteria and Germs 

Have you noticed that grout develops a dirty appearance while the surrounding tiles stay shiny and clean? This is because grout is particularly porous, making it easy for dirt, bacteria, and germs to get trapped inside. Most homeowners know that professional tile and grout cleaning is a great way to keep their surfaces looking great, but some fail to realize that these services also help keep their homes clean and safe. Professionals at Golden Line Green Care use modern technology to deep clean grout. It’s essential to clean your tile and grout regularly in order to prevent dirty and insanitary surfaces from becoming an issue. 

2. Regular Tile and Grout Cleaning Can Prolong the Life of Your Surfaces 

When tile and grout surfaces aren’t cleaned regularly, a buildup of waste can occur beneath the tiles. This can lead to loose tiles that will require repair. Our professionals advise that if you’re looking to keep your surface looking great without the need for repair, regular tile grout cleaning is an excellent preventative measure. 

3. Prevent Water Damage with Regular Grout Cleaning 

Water damage is a possible effect of leaving tile and grout surfaces uncleaned. Mould, mildew, and limescale can build up under tiles; as a result, the bond to the underlying surface loosens, allowing water to seep in. If your tile surface is in an area that is regularly exposed to water, like the bathroom, this can lead to expensive water damage. Our professionals advise avoiding this costly damage by having your tile and grout regularly cleaned. 

4. Mop Water is the Main Culprit to Dirty Tile and Grout

Mopping the floor starts with clean water; however, after several wrings of the mop, eventually, you will get dirty water. After this, you are essentially moving dirt around the tile’s surface. Make sure you keep your mop and water clean, changing it out when it gets dirty and changing out the mop heads regularly. Between professional tile and grout cleanings, you can use products with disposable floor wipes that can be thrown away afterward. 

5. Know Your Tile and Grout 

Understanding more about your tile and grout will help you pick the right products, spend less money and keep your tiled surfaces looking awesome for many years. Our professionals at Golden Line Green Care can assess the cleaning needs of your tile and grout. We work around your schedule, providing services when it’s convenient for you. 

It would help if you got the assistance of a professional tile and grout cleaning service. Although doing the tile cleaning work by yourself may appear to be cost-saving at once, hiring a professional tile and grout cleaning service delivers you many advantages, including long-lasting, perfect output. 

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