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Upholstered furniture, seats, leather covers, fabrics webbing have confined areas where it is hard to clean thoroughly. The build-up of such can cause damage to the furniture and overall appearance of it. Having these pieces cleaned have become an essential responsibility for homeowners that are commonly forgotten or neglected. The investments you put into your furniture can be very costly, so why wouldn’t you want to maintain the beauty of it regularly?

The discolouration or stains may be unappealing to the eye, but an important factor is also how unattractive this can escalate to being harmful to those living in that house. The microorganisms living in the creases of the upholstery can affect the air quality surrounding it.

Various steps are taken by Golden Line Green Care to have the best and safest outcomes for its customers.

FAQ about Upholstery Cleaning

What Steps Will Be Performed When an Upholstery Cleaning Specialist Visits?

All of the following will be performed when one of our professionals meets with you!

  • Pre-inspecting the upholstery to determine what cleaning process is most appropriate
  • Prepping the area so no other pieces are damaged by our cleaning products
  • Vacuuming for loose dust
  • Conducting spot treatment for specified areas of stains
  • Loosening dirt of crumbs with specialized brushes
  • Adding eco-friendly products to soak into the fabric
  • Cleaning and rinsing the fabric or the item after all the steps are performed
  • Neutralizing the fabric material for maintaining balance of pH level
  • Speed drying for ultimate results instantly
  • Double checking that all parts of the furniture have been cleaned entirely

Can I Trust You With My Furniture?

The steps which are used ensure that the item would not be cleaned in harsh or brutal way. The quality of the materials or fabric will not be at the stake when you are taking our services.

The furniture or other items of the upholstery would become more durable after such cleaning. It helps in making the life of the articles much longer and then you could use them as long as you wish to.

By using services of the upholstery cleaning you can make sure that there is no harmful thing that could cause allergies and infections to the people.


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Why Choose Golden Line Green Care?

  • We contribute a part of the payment to Sunnybrook Hospital
  • We follow the industry standards and regulations
  • We use cutting edge cleaning technology such as Prochem truck mounts
  • Our team consists of only certified and experienced technicians
  • We only use eco-friendly, green cleaning products

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