Commercial Grout Colour Sealing

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Toronto Grout Colour Sealing
Toronto Grout Colour Sealing
Toronto Grout Colour Sealing
Toronto Grout Colour Sealing

Commercial Grout Colour Sealing Services

Tiled areas in the workplace can reach a point where regular grout cleaning is not effective in renewing that sleek, tiled look. After long periods of neglected maintenance grout becomes permanently stained. There are two solutions for permanently stained tile and grout. One is to remove the entire tiled area, purchasing new tiles, and reinstalling the new ones. In commercial spaces, this can often be thousands of dollars of work.

The second option is to call Golden Line Green Care to restore tile and grout by colour sealing your tiled area. Grout colour sealing is a practical, fast alternative to restoring the beauty of your flooring, bathrooms or workplace kitchen layout.

Colour sealant is a special acrylic resin that contains a sealing agent that can be pigmented to 12 different colours. Grout colour sealant provides stain protection which reduces the necessary maintenance required for spills and stains. The sealant contains a protective waterproof film that will prevent stains from spills, dirt, grime, and debris.

This process makes cleaning any future spills a breeze; including particularly nasty substance spills like oils. This process removes the need to replace tile floors, and Golden Line Green Care’s technicians have the tools, skills, and experience to do it for just a fraction of the cost.

Advantages of Grout Colour Sealing

What Benefits Will I Get From Grout Sealing?

  • Free on-site inspection, consultation, and quotations.
  • Long-lasting clean and sanitary grout lines.
  • Removes the need to replace that expensive tiled floor or grout.
  • Provides a consistent grout colour for a sharper appearance.
  • Reduces cleaning time and labour for in-house maintenance personnel.
  • Eliminates the need for harsh chemicals for routine cleaning.
  • Resists staining, mildew, and discoloration.
  • Eliminates the potential for impossible stains.
  • Make that white, pure white again. (Yes, even the toilet!)
  • Brightens existing faded or outdated grout back to new vibrant colour.
  • Eliminates the need to remove or replace grout when redecorating or renovating.
  • Selection of 12 grout colours to choose from.
  • Golden Line Green Care guarantees our grout colour sealing to work as advertised for 15 years.

Ready to Get Started?

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Why Choose Golden Line Green Care?

  • We contribute a part of the payment to Sunnybrook Hospital
  • We follow the industry standards and regulations
  • We use cutting edge cleaning technology such as Prochem truck mounts
  • Our team consists of only certified and experienced technicians
  • We only use eco-friendly, green cleaning products

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