Why is Dryer Vent Cleaning Important?

Dryer vents can be clogged with lint over the course of months.

Did you know that this collected lint might cause a fire? That’s why dryer vent cleaning is something you shouldn’t avoid. This year over 15,000 fires begins through having clogged dryer vents. Dryer vent cleaning reduces the danger of fire and improves the performance of the dryer.

What are Some Warning Signs of Clogged Dryer Vents?

Here are the most typical warning signs of clogged dryer vents:

Dryer Taking a Long Time to Dry Each Load

The drying cycle will double or triple in time if a dryer vent is clogged. You’ll realize that garments aren’t thoroughly dry with a regular session.  A dryer is meant to push out the hot, humid air for apparel to dry. If the vent is clogged by lint, the air will be trapped in your dryer holding your clothes hot and wet.

Outside of the Dryer and Clothing is Very Hot

Does your dryer get too hot to touch? This is a sign that indicates the vent is not draining well. If the dryer is clogged, this means the dryer is wasting energy.

Burning Smell

Is there a burning smell when you run your dryer? Keep in mind that lint is very ignitable. If the exhaust tube is filled up with lint, and the dryer gets warm while running, it might catch fire. Immediately stop using your dryer and call a professional.

When was Your Last Dryer Vent Cleaning?

You should have your dryer vents examined at least once a year. Although there are some DIY cleaning kits available, we recommend having an expert to get the job done since he or she is more experienced about different models of dryers and how to sanitize them properly.

How can Clogged Dryer Vents Affect the Indoor Air Quality?

Your home’s indoor air quality is a crucial part of your family’s well being. A blocked dryer vent could adversely affect the indoor air quality of your home if not allowed to freshen legitimately. Mould, dust mites, chemicals and such can develop in your dryer pipe, making allergens that can vandalize your indoor air quality. Dryer vent cleaning eliminates these materials out, letting these allergens to fly through the vents.

Benefits of Professional Dryer Vent Cleaning

Here are the key advantages of getting professional dryer lint cleaning services:

* Extend the life of your clothes

* Prolong the life of your dryer system
* Save energy
* Prevent fire hazards
* Reduce indoor allergens

Why You Need Professional Dryer Vent Cleaning?

You can always give a shot to the DIY vent cleaning kits.

However, most of the time an element is missing or not suitable for your dryer system.


Our experience tells us that almost always people end up with a professional dry vent cleaner. Because an expert probably has seen many dryers like yours and had the know-how to apply the best cleaning procedures to your system.

If that’s not good enough here are some other reasons to let professionals clean your clogged dryer vents:

* A professional dryer vent cleaning helps you save money by lowering your energy bills.

* How does shorter drying times sound? You don’t have to run the dryer multiple times anymore!
* Your dryer need fewer repairs and maintenance if you have it clean professionally at least once a year.
* It helps reducing fire risk in your home!

If you have a hard time to remember when was your last dryer vent cleaning, let’s talk!

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