Commercial Driveway, Garage and Patio Cleaning Services

Commercial buildings, parking decks, and paths are exposed to all manner of dirt, oil, grime, and air pollution. Stains and massive build ups cannot be washed away by rainstorms. If left untreated, these contaminants can damage paint and stain on wood and masonry. A thorough pressure wash from Golden Line Green Care will renew surfaces around your commercial building by removing algae, insects, and stains from not just concrete, but wood as well.

Golden Line Green Care’s pressure washing water systems have the availability to remove most visible spots of discolouration and smears on concrete or wood surfaces. We extend our pressure washing service to businesses to remove blemishes from the sight of customers, partners, and employees alike.

Our eco-friendly cleaning detergents not only remove the unwanted dirt, but also leave a healthy shine on your driveway, garage, or patio surfaces. These cleaners safely soak into surfaces to loosen unwanted particles from concrete. Golden Line Green Care takes pride in our pressure washing techniques that don’t damage or stain your business’s image.

FAQ about Driveway, Garage and Patio Cleaning Services

Why Get Your Driveway, Garage and Patio Cleaned By Us?

  • Attempting to pressure wash a commercial complex or workspace is not a job for consumer-grade pressure washers. If done improperly, streaks and stains can be left on surfaces.
  • Golden Line Green Care pressure washing technicians will carry out a full inspection of the area that requires cleaning. We make notes of particularly stained or soiled areas that may need specialized treatment and attention.
  • All of our cleaning detergents are fast acting agents. They are safe for the environment and your business’s surfaces alike. We take the time to ensure that these cleaners have properly soaked to maximize the amount of dirt, grime, and stain removed from surfaces around your business.
  • We take the time to customize our pressure washing treatment solution to meet the needs of your business or commercial space. We will meet your requirements, but the results will exceed your expectations!

What Steps Will Be Performed When A Professional Visits?

All of the following will be performed when one of our professionals meets with you!

  • The first step is the inspection of the area which requires washing. This helps professionals to get an idea about the cleaning requirements regarding equipment and products used.
  • High-quality detergents are used for cleaning driveways, parking lots, and concrete. This ensures that the quality and shine of the surface does not become dull.
  • The cleaning solutions are applied and are left for some time duration for them to work effectively.
  • After this, pressure washing equipment is used so that the dirt, mud and the residue can be removed.
  • Fast and slow motions are used so that the dirt particles which tend to stick are removed due to high-pressure techniques.
  • Once the cleaning is done, removal of the cleaning agent is required. This helps to restore that brand new shine of your commercial lot or building.


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Why Choose Golden Line Green Care?

  • We contribute a part of the payment to Sunnybrook Hospital
  • We follow the industry standards and regulations
  • We use cutting edge cleaning technology such as Prochem truck mounts
  • Our team consists of only certified and experienced technicians
  • We only use eco-friendly, green cleaning products

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