Commercial Carpet Cleaning

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Toronto Carpet Cleaning
Toronto Carpet Cleaning
Toronto Carpet Cleaning
Toronto Carpet Cleaning

Golden Line Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services

Golden Line Green Care focuses on the importance of the carpets within your business and commercial space. We are aware of the potential damage, bacteria; dirt can create when a rug is not maintained.  

With regards to cover care, regardless of whether in your home or office, routine cleaning is fundamental. Not just so your carpet looks nice, although that is one good reason, but also because regular carpet cleaning is an investment in your health! It’s easy to think that if the carpet looks nice, then it’s clean, but don’t be mistaken, a carpet with a clean appearance may contain plenty of dirt, bacteria, and dust.

Think of your carpet as an air filter. Your carpet will catch and collect these contaminants from the air, trapping them in the fabric. As traffic flows through your commercial space, dirt and bacteria are released into the atmosphere causing you to breathe in these unwanted elements. Using household products is not enough to pull deeply embedded grit and grime.  Consumer vacuums are not sufficient to ensure that the air you’re breathing is as clean as possible.

Golden Line Green Care’s advanced, commercial grade equipment and the team of professionals will go the extra mile to ensure that your commercial space – carpet and air – is free from visible and unseen contaminants.  By investing in Golden Line Green Care’s carpet cleaning service, you can walk, and breathe, with confidence in a spotlessly clean environment.

Frequently Asked Questions about Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Why Get Your Carpet Cleaned By Golden Line?

  • Golden Line Green Care understands that every carpet cleaning is different. We will identify your carpet’s fabric to ensure we use the most effective solution for your space.
  • We perform a full inspection of the space to identify high-traffic areas with extensive stains to prep for spot cleaning.
  • We sanitize and clean deep in the fabric’s individual fibers extending the longevity of the carpet life. Using a hot water (over 230 degrees) extraction technique we restore the carpet’s appearance, protect against further non-visible build up, and increase the air quality of your commercial environment.
  • Golden Line Green Care uses cutting edge carpet cleaning systems to carefully wash and protect your carpet’s fabric from future dirt, stains, and wear.

What Steps Will Be Performed When A Professional Visits?

All of the following will be performed when one of our professionals meets with you!

  • We check the condition of the rug before the beginning of the cleaning process and identify the carpet’s fabric.
  • We provide a full inspection to levels of dust in the fabric, high traffic areas, and prominent stains that require spot cleaning.
  • Our professionals will then use commercial grade machines to remove dry particles and contaminants in the carpet’s fibres.
  • Solutions and cleaning agents are then applied and left to soak into the fabric. These cleaners penetrate deep into the bed of the carpet preparing the fibers for a thorough wash.
  • We then apply mild solutions to treat visible stains, kill bacteria, and protect the fabric both during and after the cleaning process to extend fabric’s life.
  • Follow through with advanced vacuums to collect dust and dirt deeply embedded into the material.
  • After we have concluded the carpet is rid of dirt particles, we employ high heat washing techniques to cleanse the carpet, eliminate odour, and remove bacteria.
  • Repeated washing and brushing to ensure dirt and residue are removed from the fabric.
  • Spot treating problem areas with high grade cleaning agents which are soiled by stains, liquid, and dander.
  • Equipment is used by the specific type of fabric so that the carpet or rug is protected during and after cleaning.
  • After ensuring stains are removed, we run dryers over the carpet and initiate a third inspection to check for any stain that could have been missed.
  • We finish by drying the rugs instantly with safe, instant drying commercial machines. Don’t worry, and it’s safe to walk on!

Why Choose Golden Line Green Care?

  • We contribute a part of the payment to Sunnybrook Hospital
  • We follow the industry standards and regulations
  • We use cutting edge cleaning technology such as Prochem truck mounts
  • Our team consists of only certified and experienced technicians
  • We only use eco-friendly, green cleaning products

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