7 Best Garage Cleaning Tips

by | Nov 14, 2022 | Home Cleaning

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Garages are known as a storage unit in homes. Majority of homeowners use their garages for cars, heavy-duty equipment, or just random stuff that can’t fit anywhere else. Which leads to junk that restricts the garage from not only being clean and organized but also for the ability to park. Are you tired of your cluttered garage? Do you want to organize your garage? Golden line Green Care shares the 7 best garage cleaning tips.  



1. Empty the Garage

To declutter you need to be able to see what is actually inside the garage. Then decide what you want to keep and what you want to sell or throw away. Pick a section of the garage and place everything out on the driveway. Once you take everything out, you will realize how much stuff you actually have. This can be daunting but it is a necessary step for a clean garage. This step will also allow you to view your space and determine what storage system might work for your garage.


2. Decide What You Want To Keep

Parting with your things is one of the most difficult things to do but it is a necessary step. Keep things that you have used at least once before. Keep things that are functional and can be fixed, and lastly, keep all the tools.


3. Take Care of the Clutter

Anything you don’t keep can be labeled as clutter and once you get rid of it your process will go much smoother. You can either donate or sell the stuff you don’t want to keep. And throw away anything that you can neither donate nor sell. 


4. Cleaning the Garage Walls 

Cleaning the walls comes before anything else. Because whatever you brush off the walls will naturally fall on the floor. Use a vacuum cleaner or a long brush to clean any cobwebs and dust on the walls. Make a mixture of warm water and detergent enough to make it soapy and use a brush scrub at the walls leaving no section untouched. Remove the soapy water with water and then tackle any stains that couldn’t be removed by the simple mixture. And try using an ammonia mixture which is made using one cup of ammonia in a gallon of cold water. 


5. Cleaning the Garage Floor

Floors of the garage will probably be the most stain-heavy area since they are exposed to the vehicles and oils. Use cat litter to try and absorb the excess oil, and then vacuum the litter off the stains. You can also use talcum powder to clean any oil if you don’t have access to cat litter. Clean the remaining stains with some detergent and a wire scrubber. To remove other stains use common detergent and if that doesn’t work use muriatic acid. You can use this opportunity to fill any cracks in the garage floor using epoxy paste; just remember to use a sealant to seal the paste after the cracks are filled. 


6. Clean the Garage Door 

Similar to the walls, use a brush to remove the dust and debris clinging to the garage doors. Use a garden hose to wash off any leftover dirt, and use a sponge to apply water and detergent mixture to the garage doors. Scrub at the doors carefully without scratching the paint. Make sure to hose off the mixture with water and apply grease to the door joints, so it opens and closes with much more ease.



7. Organize Your Garage

This is the final part of garage cleaning but garage organizing can be tedious and time-consuming so bear with the process. The first step is trying to figure out what type of garage storage you want if you previously didn’t have any and you should have a designated space for everything. There are many different types of garage storage and you need to 

choose depending on your particular garage. Let’s discuss some of the options that might suit you and your space.

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Now that you have decluttered, organized, and cleaned your garage, why not powerwash your driveway with Golden Line Green Care. We hope with our garage cleaning tips,you’ll be able to keep your garage clutter-free and organized so it’s easier to handle. It can be incredibly tedious and time-consuming.  Hiring a professional cleaning company is a great idea.

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