5 Tips to help get your home clean and holiday ready!

by | Dec 8, 2021 | Home Cleaning

It might seem like a lot at once, so our experts and Golden Line Green Care have come up with 5 tips to help get your home clean and holiday ready! 

1. Gather your tools

Cloths, trash bags: all-purpose spray, glass cleaner; wood or surface spray, vacuum and/or wet mop

2. Clean the bathroom first 

If there’s any room in that house that deserves TLC, it’s this one. Get your favourite bathroom cleaner and give everything a spray-down while you clean the toilet, inside and out. Then move to wipe down the sink, shower/tub, including all the hardware. Clean the windows and mirrors with a window cleaner. Vacuum your floors and give them a quick wet mop. Empty the trash and put in a new liner. Bring out your fluffy guest towels, extra rolls of TP, light up your favourite candle, and you’re all set. 

3. Aim for the common areas your guests will hang out in most 

This means that you should aim for living, dining rooms, and kitchen. Run a quick vacuum and a wet mop trough these rooms. If you lke, you can vacuum the sofa or anything upholstered. Clear all the clutter from countertops, remove any piles of mail or paper. Give surfaces a dusting and wipe-down. Empty any wastebaskets. For the kitchen, empty the sink (wash dishes); wipe down faucet and stovetop hardware; give cabinet, stove, and fridge fronts a wipe-down. Refill your paper towel dispenser, napkin holder, and water carafes or pitchers. 

4. Overnight Guests 

Suppose you’re expecting overnight guests, vacuum and wet mop quickly. Toss any clutter or to-organize-later items into the laundry basket. Ensure the bed has clean linens and open windows for a nice airing out. Spray any surfaces with all-purpose spray for a wipe-down; grab the window cleaner to do the same with room windows and any mirrors. Dust any high surfaces and polish any hardware that looks dull. Empty the waste bin, put in a fresh set of towels, a candle, and a box of tissues. 

5. Make an excellent first impression

Take a minute to clear your entryway. Vacuum, wet mop, put away any shoes blocking the door. Dust off and vacuum the welcome mat, too. If you have a house, give the clearing or mudroom a sweep and empty your mailbox. 

These were 5 quick tips to get your home ready and holiday clean. 

If you’d rather spend time cooking the family’s favourite dish or visiting with relatives, Golden Line Green Care can help you get the house ready for guests. Our house cleaning service professionals will dust, mop, wipe and vacuum until the whole house looks great. Contact us today! 

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