5 Reasons to get your dryer vent cleaned

by | Aug 25, 2021 | Cleaning Service, Dryer vent cleaning

Dryer vent cleaning, have you done it?

Have you noticed that your dryer takes twice as long to dry a single load of laundry? Perhaps you noticed that you may need to do extra cycles just to get one load of laundry dry. Imagine what these extra cycles are doing to your utility bill. You will probably notice that your electric bill increases. 

Most people remember to clean out the lint trap on their dryers, but when was the last time you cleaned out your dryer vent or removed lint from inside the machine?

Cleaning your air dryer vent is important not only to reduce electricity costs but also for your safety. 

Today we will cover 5 reasons to get your dryer vent cleaned. 


1. Reduced Risk of Fire 


Lint is extremely flammable, so lint buildup presents a serious fire hazard. Did you know that an estimated 15, 000 home fires and $201 million in damages could be prevented each year with proper dryer vent cleaning? 

2. Shorter Drying Time 


Lint buildup prevents hot and moist air from escaping quickly from the unit. The result is clothes take longer to dry. By cleaning the dryer vents, you should be able to keep your laundry routine on schedule.


3. Lower Utility Bills

If you require more cycles to dry your clothes, then it’s no surprise that your electricity bill will be affected. As a result, cleaning the dryer vents saves you energy, time, and money. 

4. Fewer Repair Needs 

Clogged dryer vents that cause dryers to run longer can increase wear and tear on your machine. The wear and tear can lead to frequent repairs and more costs for those repairs. Lint build-up can and will cause your dryer to operate at higher temperatures than normal which will damage the internal parts, especially the heating elements including the heat sensor safety switches.

5. Long Service Life

Avoid having to replace your dryer by cleaning out the air dryer vent! Increased wear and tear can also lead to the outright failure of the dryer. It’s best to avoid this problem by always keeping your dryer lint-free.


When to Call a Professional 

Our experience tells us that almost always people end up with a professional dry vent cleaner. Because an expert probably has seen many dryers like yours and had the know-how to apply the best cleaning procedures to your system.

If your dryer’s ventilation path is long you will want to get professional help with dryer vent cleaning in order to get all the lint out. At Golden Line Green Care, we clean out the inside of your dryer, removing lint and servicing the rollers and bearings inside. 

We can also offer a dryer vent inspection that will tell you if your dryer vent is up to standard and if it needs cleaning. 

In conclusion, professional dryer vent cleaning is an investment that yields practical and long-term returns. You won’t need to keep running up your electricity bill with a dryer that is underperforming because clean dryer vents will ensure that you won’t need to do extra cycles to dry your laundry and your clothes will come out smelling better and properly dried.

You’ll also be extending the life of your dryer while minimizing the need for costly and troublesome repairs. With regular cleaning, you’ll be able to maximize your dryer better, more efficiently, and for a longer period.

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