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    Frequently Asked

    What cities and areas do you operate in?

    We operate in the Greater Toronto Area.

    How do you guarantee satisfaction?

    Golden Line Green Care will actively work with you to correct any problems with our cleaning services. It could mean extra spot cleaning or revisiting certain areas of your home or business. We aim to make sure our service leaves you satisfied.

    What methods do you use to clean carpets?

    Commonly known as steam cleaning, we use a hot water extraction technique to remove dirt and grime deeply attached to the fibres of your carpet. Then we use industrial-grade suction to extract allergens and particles.  This latter process simultaneously dries the area. We follow these guidelines laid out by the vast majority of carpet manufacturers.

    Will my carpet be completely dry after a cleaning? How long until it's dry?

    The amount of time it takes for a carpet to dry thoroughly is dependent on humidity and temperature conditions. While it is safe to walk on the carpet after a cleaning we recommend you use fans or increase airflow via HVAC systems to expedite the drying process. To prevent smudges, we recommend you leave protective discs under furniture to prevent stains until the drying process is complete.

    The drying process takes between 8-24 hours to fully complete. The carpet will be safe to walk on, but protective discs should not be removed until the drying process is complete.

    Do you guarantee that all stains and spots will be removed from a carpet or rug?

    There is a difference between stains and spots. Stains are blemishes that have seeped into a piece of fabric over a long period. Examples of fluids that often become stains can include mustard, ketchup, wine, etc. These will not come out and thus Golden Line Green Care can not guarantee their removal. Spots on the other hand are generally more recent, less severe top-level blemishes that have not yet become stains. We can remove and restore most spotting on fabric.

    Golden Line Green Care cannot guarantee that every spot or stain is removed. Some oils and substances can immediately and permanently discolour a carpet.