4 Benefits of Commercial Duct Cleaning

by | May 13, 2022 | Commercial Duct Cleaning

commercial air duct cleaning

With the Covid-19 pandemic, many business owners and companies came up with measures to be more hygienic. They even added additional cleaning procedures in their workplaces to reduce the spread of the virus. As a result, commercial duct cleaning has become even more imperative. 

Have you thought about the ducts of your HVAC system? 

The vents in your commercial building make their way into almost every open space. If these vents haven’t been cleaned or sanitized, there is a chance that they are pushing all kinds of allergens and debris into your workspace, salesfloor, etc, affecting the air quality. 

What is Commercial Duct Cleaning?

Your HVAC system works by pulling air through its system by using air ducts. The air is heated or cooled in the air conditioning or furnace and pushed back out by the system.

Now, as this air travels through your HVAC system, it leaves behind dust, debris, and allergens. This builds up over time, and by the time it is removed, it’s so heavy that a professional duct cleaning may be some are needed to remove them.

4 Benefits of Commercial Duct Cleaning 

Doing your research is critical when choosing a commercial duct cleaning service. There are many benefits to having the air ducts in your commercial building cleaned. Below, our experts at Golden Line Green Care have highlighted four benefits: 

1. Better Air Quality

Having fresh and clean air is essential for your business. When your ducts are dirty, they’re lowering the air quality in your space. 

2. Reduce Fire Risk 

In the colder months, heated air moves through your air ducts when you run the heat. If the air ducts are dirty, this poses a fire risk. Keep your staff and business safe by having your air ducts cleaned. 

3. Increase Energy Efficiency 

There are no obstructions when your ducts are clean, and the air can flow freely. Therefore, the system is not working hard to push the air through your vents, depending on less energy. This can lower your electric and gas bills. 

4. Remove or Reduce Unpleasant Smells

Need to get rid of a pesky smell? A professional commercial air duct cleaning can get rid of that. Cleaning the air ducts on a regular schedule helps airflow more properly throughout your building and minimizes any unpleasant odors. 

Air Duct Sanitizing – What it is and Why You Need It

An added service to having your air ducts cleaned is having them sanitized. A sanitizer is introduced to your duct system while the equipment to clean them is still in the space. 

Commercial Duct Sanitizing Benefits: 

  • Reduce mold and mildew growth and potential growth
  • Minimize any unpleasant odors that travel through your vents
  • Improve the general air quality of your workspace

Golden Line Green Care specializes in commercial duct cleaning in the Greater Toronto Area. 

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