Why Is House Cleaning Important?

We can’t miss the importance of cleaning. It’s more than a must for our lives, it’s done to keep our home fresh and healthy. To live in a better environment and to keep our health strong, we should take care of keeping our home clean.

Basic things we do are to open up the windows often to get fresh air, to get the trash out of the house, not to let dust get bigger enough –not to have little spiders as guests-.

Even if we try to see our house clean, it’s not always easy to do deep house cleaning. With the rush in our lives, we always have something to do, going to work, school or other activities we need to do. Daily struggles sometimes keep us from the necessities we should do. But unfortunately, cleaning is not one of them, and it should not be!

Differences Between Deep Cleaning & Regular Cleaning

When it comes to house cleaning, there are two major definitions. One of them is easy to do regularly.

Yes, it is regular cleaning as you can imagine. And the other one needs more time and energy, but it’s crucial for our lives.


It is the deep house cleaning.

To compare these terms, firstly we need to really understand the definitions of both regular and deep house cleaning.

What Is Regular Cleaning?

To define the regular cleaning, we can think of the cleaning done on a regular basis as the name implies. We spend our 2 – 3 hours in a week for regular cleaning. Generally, it covers;

  •    Tidying up all the rooms
  •    Removing trash
  •    Cleaning the kitchen –wiping down work surfaces, hob and cupboard doors-
  •    Cleaning bathrooms –bath, toilet, mirror and sink-
  •    Hoovering and mopping the floors

What Is Deep Cleaning Definition?

Except for the regular cleaning, deep house cleaning is done every 6 months. Some people prefer to do it once a year, just because it requires deep clean.

We do deep house cleaning before moving out or leaving home for a while or coming home back after a vacation. Just because deep house cleaning is more intensive than regular cleaning, it’s not needed every single day. Also, the time will not be enough the clean all. Deep clean for a two bedroom house takes more or less 3 – 12 hours.

What Is Included In a Deep House Cleaning?

  •    The back of kitchen appliances such as the oven (inside and door glass), washing machine, cutting through the grime building up
  •    Inside and outside of all the windows in all rooms, also the patio doors and the window frames
  •    Vacuuming all curtains and furniture
  •    Carpet cleaning
  •    Washing under the sink
  •    Scale removal from all kitchen tiles, bathroom tiles, shower heads, taps and so on
  •    Deep and full dusting –including all the corners of rooms-
  •    Surface cleaning with using disinfectants

To sum up, we summarized every detail you need to know related to the regular cleaning and deep house cleaning. You may continuously do the regular cleaning, but you may need professional support for deep house cleaning. Don’t let the rush take you away, be careful with your health with deep house cleaning!

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