8 Tips for Keeping your House Clean (Between Cleanings)

by | Sep 29, 2021 | Cleaning Service

If you have professionals like Golden Line Green Care cleaning your home, then you know that there’s no better feeling than coming home after our professionals have just left. 

The floors are clean, the countertops immaculate, the carpet is neat as a button, the bathrooms pristine, and at that moment you feel a sense of relief. You can finally relax in your clean home. 

Beyond question having your home cleaned by professionals saves you time and stress. The downside is that it’s only a matter of time before the rest of the family returns and the little messes begin. So, what can you do between cleanings and make that cleaned feeling last longer?

Here are 8 tips from our professionals in the GTA: 

1. Keep your shoes off

When inside the house, you should keep your shoes off. Shoes track in dust and grass among other things. Your floors will stay looking good and they’ll be easier to clean. 

2. Wipe up spills when they happen 

Spilled some wine on the floor? Grease splashed in the kitchen? Make sure to wipe it up immediately. 

3. Keep kitchen and bathroom surfaces clean

Wipe down counters, and clean the stove after every use. Keep the bathroom counter clean and free of clutter. 

4. Pick up your stuff 

Remember to pick up your stuff! Cleaners need to concentrate their time on cleaning rather than picking up toys or anything else. Remember to pick up and put things in their proper places like mail, clothes, shoes, toys, etc. 

5. Sweep your floors everyday

Use a broom, dust mop or other dry floor cleaner on your hard floors to lean up dust or any other debris.

6. Don’t forget the refrigerator

Keep it smelling fresh by tossing out old food and adding a box of baking soda to absorb odors.

7. Make Task Lists 

Go through each room and list what chores need to be performed in each. This will help you delegate the tasks to your family members.

8. Focus on the main rooms

If time is tight, focus on the main rooms like the living room, dining room, kitchen and/or bathroom. 

Not all of us can have a professionally cleaned house everyday, but these tips will help you with the cleaning in between professional cleanings. We all know that keeping your home clean is literally an endless chore that can consume a lot of your freetime. 

Do you love the feeling of a clean home but are too busy to clean it yourself? Maybe deep cleaning isn’t your thing. Golden Line Green Care can get your home cleaned and fresh. 

All of our cleaning professionals work in and around the GTA. We are insured, bonded, trained, and certified. 

Spend more time with your family while enjoying a clean home. Contact us today! 

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