What to do before your professional carpet cleaner arrives.

by | Jul 19, 2021 | Carpet Cleaning, Cleaning Service

Giving your beloved carpet a professional carpet clean is a great way to remove any dust, dirt, and allergens that normal vacuuming can’t. As such, hiring a professional to carry out the task is a worthwhile investment that not only keeps your carpet looking and smelling great but also makes your home a more comfortable place to live. 

Ensure successful carpet cleaning results by thoroughly preparing your home for a visit from professional carpet cleaners. 

By following these 8 things, you can rest assured that your visit will go smoothly and efficiently. 

Here are just 8 things you can do to prepare your home for a professional carpet cleaning:

1. Vacuum.


Vacuuming high-traffic areas before your carpet cleaners arrive helps them get right down to business. Removing dirt and debris from the carpet allows the carpet cleaner to focus on the dirt that is embedded in your carpet fibers.

2. Clear the driveway.

Move your cars out of nearby parking spots. Carpet cleaners need to park as close to your front door as possible so it’s easier for them to use their equipment.

3. Pick up full-length draperies.

Whether you pin them up or toss your draperies over the curtain rods, having these fabrics at least six inches off the ground protects them from moisture and the heavy-duty cleaning equipment. The same rule goes for any upholstered furniture with skirts that touch the carpet.

4. Relocate delicate items.

If you have heirlooms, a collection, particularly wobbly lamps, or anything special or breakable on display, don’t take the chance that it can accidentally be knocked over during the carpet cleaning.

5. Relocate small furniture. 

If you have small side tables, chairs, ottomans, or other light pieces that are easy to move, relocate them. Your carpet cleaner is prepared to clean around your furniture, but your carpet will be that much cleaner and your professional will be that much more efficient without extra furniture in the way.

6. Tidy the floor.

If you have children, your floors are probably riddled with small and big toys, books, craft projects, and more. Take everything off the carpet so that a Lego doesn’t inadvertently get sucked away by the powerful suction of professional carpet cleaning equipment and beloved objects can’t be damaged.

7. Make a list. 

While you wait for your carpet cleaning professional to arrive, take inventory of the problem areas on your carpet. Note where the biggest stains or spots are, try to remember what caused them, and relay this information to your carpet cleaner. The origin of a discoloration absolutely affects the way the stain is treated.

8. Quarantine your pets.

You may have the most docile pet, but carpet cleaning equipment or the activity itself can make your animal uptight, which can make the act of cleaning difficult. Most carpet cleaners use truck-mounted cleaning systems that will require a door to the outside to be left ajar. You don’t want your startled pets to discover an easy escape route.

By following these 8 tips you’ll be left with a carpet that not only looks and smells great but one that will last for many years to come.

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