5 Reasons To Hire a Professional Carpet Cleaner

by | Oct 19, 2022 | Carpet Cleaning

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5 Reasons To Hire a Professional Carpet Cleaner


Do you clean your own carpets or hire a carpet cleaner? Well, this is a great question because, on the one hand, it’s great to save some money but on the other hand, do you want to risk ruining your expensive carpet? 

Golden Line Green Care provides carpet cleaning services in Toronto and GTA.  We have been cleaning carpets for more than 15 years. Here is a list of five reasons why you should hire a carpet cleaner: 



1. Not All Carpets and Rugs Are The Same 


Many people think that rugs and carpets are the same. Both rugs and carpets need to be cleaned every 12-18 months; each requires a separate cleaning process, particularly when it comes to stains like pet urine and odors. 

It’s important for a homeowner to know the difference to prevent damage to your rugs and carpets.  

Overall, the difference between area rugs and carpets is that they are made differently. Rugs are designed to be mobile; you can move them from room to room, while carpets stay put. In addition, rugs can be made from a variety of materials, so not all rugs can be cleaned the same.



2. Don’t need to buy or rent equipment.


Do you have storage for a big carpet cleaner? If you do, kudos to you. But most of us do not have the additional space to store a carpet cleaner. Renting will cost can be expensive, and most retail machines are not the same grade as professional ones. 



3. Retail Carpet Cleaners Do No Sanitize 


A major issue with carpet cleaning machine rentals and ones sold in retail stores is that they don’t have sanitizing systems. When hiring a professional carpet cleaner like Golden Line Green Care, you can rest assured that our technicians use professional sanitization systems that kill bacteria and eliminate allergens like mould spores and pet dander. 



4. Professional Carpet Cleaners are Stain Experts 


Did you know that some cleaning products can actually make a stain worse? That’s right! This is why it’s best to call a professional. Our technicians are trained in removing stains and are experts in knowing which cleaning methods work best for different types of stains



5. State-of-the-art Equipment and Technique 


While cleaning your carpet may take less than a day, drying time takes longer depending on the moisture left. If you don’t have the equipment to reduce moisture, you will be waiting quite a long time for it to dry completely.  This can make your carpet susceptible to mould. Professionals like Golden Line Green Care use low-moisture equipment and technique to ensure that your carpet dries quickly. 

Carpets, like rugs, can be an expensive investment. It’s important to trust professional carpet cleaners that are trained and have expertise in cleaning all types of carpets and stains. Contact us to have your carpet cleaned by true professionals.

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