How much do we know about rug bugs?

We are aware of their shapes, little creatures with colours of black/brown. Another thing we know about the rug bugs is that they do not seem so friendly. Generally, they are so hungry and start to eat our carpets and clothes with wool.

How can we avoid these bugs from eating our rugs?

We created a helpful content for it!

Let’s start.

Vacuum Regularly

These unfriendly and annoying rug bugs love the places that are dark, quiet, nice and undisturbed. That is why you can find the rug bugs generally under the corner of your sofa, on the back side of a rug, along with the cracks in the planks of your wood floor and behind a drape.

You do not have to push the rug by your vacuum, once over the front, every few weeks with flipping over the corners will be enough for you to be sure it is not to happen again. For your rugs hanging on the walls, you need to at least one a quarter take all of them down to vacuum.

Wash Regularly

You should wash your rugs under normal to heavy use annually. Just because you can not wash deeply at home and can only surface clean, you need to send them to be washed in a rug cleaning plant. Washing will help dislodge the rug bugs activity and remove them, that is why if you wash and give the rug a vinegar rinse, it will physically remove the rug bugs, and your problem will be solved!

In the case you having moderate traffic on the rug bugs and vacuum at least every other week, your wash time may be extended to every 18 – 24 months. But it should not exceed two years, not to invite the bugs to home.

Wash Before Wrapping Up

Generally, if a textile is going to be stored for years, the best thing can be done not to see a rug bugs disaster is to use a repellent. But the most important thing is for you to be sure that the rug is “really” washed. Afterwards, you can wrap it up with inner peace.

Other Tips & Tricks

  •    Make sure your home gets fresh air regularly, open the windows.
  •    Let the sunshine in, as it is said in the song, pull open the curtains.
  •    Clean up all of the surroundings to scare your little guests.
  •    The last but the most important one: Apply these three tips above as a routine!

Crisis: What if you have the rug bugs right now?

Let’s assume that you saw the rug bugs! No need to be afraid! The first thing you should do is to get what is filled with rug bugs washed professionally. It may be your wall-to-wall carpet, hard floors or anything else. The steam cleaning, hot water extraction, in other words, will take care of your rug bugs problem.

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