Why are Cheap Synthetic Rugs everywhere?

Before the “fashion” changed, we all bought wool rugs. Because they were the only ones at stores. With the increase of production by time, usage changed into the synthetic rugs. Our buying habit changed, but the quality of wool never changed. Somehow, we prefer cheap synthetic rugs.

The Popularization of Synthetic Rugs

Nowadays, the market is filled with the synthetic area rugs, faking the wool rugs to compete them. All the synthetic rugs include polyester, acrylic, and polypropylene (olefin). They started to be produced to be rivals of wool rugs, and it is shown that they achieved their goal! OK, but how they started to replace the real, qualified and robust wool rugs? Let’s see the pros and cons!

The Pros of Synthetic Rugs


  •    Synthetic rugs are cheap. You can find a synthetic acrylic, polyester or polypropylene for $5 per square foot. Having almost zero labour cost in production, because they are all done by machines, and having poor quality by plastic fibres, more than the cost of $5 will be more than its worth, so be careful with the prices while looking for synthetic rugs.

The Cons of Synthetic Rugs

Unfortunately, the cons of synthetic rugs are much more than their pros.

  •    Synthetic rugs wear and yellow faster than wool rugs. Just because they are made of plastic, they do not wear well with abrasion, and they do not have longevity. Depending on the traffic areas of the rugs, synthetic rugs generally last up to 5 years. Polypropylene rugs cannot hold up to foot traffic, and in general home improvement stores carry these carpets for homes for being cheap. That is why to buy wall-to-wall carpets, choose the nylon ones. However, never forget that all the synthetic rugs, olefin, acrylic and polyester can get worn on the floor quickly, just after a few years.

  •    Synthetic rugs require more cleaning than wool rugs. Because wool rugs have many pockets to hide grit and dust, and this is what makes them look fresh and clean all the time. However, the plastic fibres, solid and smooth strands cannot hide soil, and this means synthetic rugs get uglier and duller easily. In this case when wool rugs need cleaning after 1 – 2 years, synthetic rugs require cleaning right after a couple of months. Steam cleaning will be enough for surface cleaning if there are no problems like flood exposure contamination or pet urine.


  •    Synthetic rugs grab every single thing, and you have trouble to release the hair, grime, and lint. The standard vacuums you are using will not be enough. You need a professional rug cleaner to be comfortable with using these scratchy and sticky rugs. Let’s give you a hint; if you do not want to buy an expensive machine for a cheap rug, you can use a lint roller just for picking up the things vacuum cannot clean.


P.S: Never forget that synthetic rugs are wrapped around jute and jute has high absorbency. This will create a problem if you have a pet in your home. Cleaning your synthetic rugs may cost more than you paid to purchase.


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