5 Tricks to Keep Your Rugs Clean Between Professional Cleanings

by | Oct 15, 2021 | Area Rug Cleaning, Cleaning Service

Keeping area rugs in your home looking fresh and clean can be difficult. It’s essential to keep up on top of some things between professional cleanings to keep the rugs in tip-top shape. 

Clean any spills on the rugs immediately, for example, and vacuum regularly as part of your housework schedule. 

While an area rug can bring a space together, it can also attract dust and dirt. Beyond dust and dirt, rug fibres can be home to millions of microorganisms, such as mould spores, pollen particles and dust mites. This is why a regular professional area rug cleaning schedule is important.

But let’s be honest, having your area rug professionally cleaned weekly or maybe even daily is unrealistic. 

In this post,  we will share five tricks from our staff at Golden Line Green Care to keep your area rugs looking, feeling, and smelling good as new between professional cleanings.

5 Tricks to Keeping your Area Rugs Clean Between Professional Cleanings


1. Vacuum Often 

Yes, we know it’s obvious, but let’s talk about how often you vacuum your area rug. Make sure you vacuum your rugs AT LEAST once a week. Regularly vacuuming dirt, dust, and debris will prevent dirt from pressing down deep in the fabric. 

Give your rug a shake before vacuuming; this will dislodge any loose grit or dirt trapped within the fibres. 

Choose a suction-only function on your vacuum cleaner. Avoid the rotary brush or upright vacuum cleaner. Doing so will prevent fibre shedding. 

Remember to vacuum the rug’s underside too. 


2. Clean up Spills Quickly

Spilled juice on your area rug? Clean it immediately! Do this, so the liquid doesn’t penetrate the yarns. 

Use a damp white cotton cloth and blot the affected area. Don’t rub, as this can damage the surface. Repeat until all the liquid has been absorbed. After cleaning the spill, let the area dry entirely before placing down the area rug again. 


3. Remove Stains 

You can use a mixture of equal white wine vinegar, washing up liquid and warm water to remove tough stains like coffee, red wine and mud. For mud, you can let it dry, then vacuum, then clean the spot. 


4. Try a Washable Rug 

Suppose you are not able to have your area rug professionally clean. You can opt into buying a washable area rug. 


5. Protect from Pets 

Reduce the damage your pets inflict on your rug by choosing one that is suitable for dog and cat owners. Choose short pile rugs in a dark colour to hide chew marks or scratches. 

Follow these 5 tips to maintain your area rug between cleanings clean. We recommend you leave the deep cleaning of your area rugs to professionals at Golden Line Green Care

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