Did you know we spend approximately 90 percent of the time in closed spaces? – home, work, school or other building areas. Compromised indoor air quality may cause health problems or worsen conditions like asthma and allergy. To improve air quality, we need to control indoor air pollution.

What deteriorates indoor air quality?


Mould, dust, insects and other biological contaminants are the first sources of indoor air pollution. These small living particles can be inhaled and create health problems. Molds can cause allergies, bacteria and viruses can cause infections. Warn, and humidity help molds grow. Excessive dust is also a source of health problems for people with respiratory conditions.

Chemicals like paint and VOCs are sources of air pollution. VOCs are gases spread by many indoor sources; furniture, wall paints, carpets, and so on. When the paint is dry, we expect it to go, but sometimes that particles may stay for years and accumulate if there are many sources of pollution. Household cleaners and disinfectants should be checked for VOCs and should not be overused. Chemicals may lead to allergies, throat irritation, and some types are classified as cancerogenic.

Radon is a natural gas found in soil. Long term concentration of high radon levels is related to lung cancer. You can find information about radon levels in Ontario here. Individuals also can check radon levels by getting a simple kit.

How can we improve indoor air quality?


According to HealthLinkBC, British Columbia, there are three ways to prevent air pollution and maintain indoor air quality:

  • To avoid biological contaminants like mold, dust and insects, regularly check your ventilation systems, control warm and humidity. Perform air duct cleaning when you see your ducts are full of dirt, debris, mould or insects. Ensure all filters are in place and good condition.
  • Use products with low VOCs. Keep cleaning products, paints in a separate part of the house. If possible, keep furniture in storage before placing them in the living area.
  • Control air ventilation; try to increase the amount of outdoor air.

How to find out if the possible air pollution?


Canadian Center for Occupational Health and Safety recommends to examine the following at your home, office or other building areas:

  • Ventilation system, including air ducts and HVAC systems. Make sure all the filters are on place and air transition, distribution is appropriately functioning.
  • Chemical sources; the website suggests a total checklist of how and where to look for the possible chemical polluters.
  • Noise, lightening and other ergonomic factors are also part of the problem.
  • Seek professional advice when needed.

How does air duct cleaning help?


The short answer is – Yes. Professional air duct cleaning company will make sure that all the holes and parts of the system are clean. Responsible companies will use only environmentally clean products to prevent any side-effects from chemicals. They will also use the most up to date equipment to cause less air pollution during the process. Poor quality service may even create more problems than it solves. Choosing the right service company is essential to avoid further problems.

Intuitively, indoor air quality and air duct leaning are perfectly correlated. However, there is little evidence that if you clean air ducts routinely, your indoor air quality will be perfect. We advise following all the rules described in this article and in addition, clean your HVAC systems and air ducts if:

  • There are visible (or invisible) molds in the HVAC system; many parts of the system may not be visible, so ask a professional company to inspect your system before deciding to clean it or not.
  • Dust is entering the home/office area from air ducts
  • Dirt and debris levels are visibly high; these particles are released into the air
  • There are insects in the system; infested with vermin

Follow the blog post to learn everything about when, how and why to perform air duct cleaning.

When you choose an air duct cleaning company, make sure they use only environmentally friendly cleaners. Here at Golden Line Green Care, we are proud to serve for more than 15 years in Toronto with a perfect professional history.

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