The importance of indoor air quality rises every day. Canadians spend approximately 90% of their time in closed spaces like schools, offices, home buildings. Most of the HVAC air duct systems are complex and take time to clean, so many people try to find professional support for air duct cleaning. The question is how to choose the best air duct cleaning company among so many advertisements?

In this article, we will give a summary of the air duct cleaning process, what to expect from a professional company and how to choose the best company to meet your budget and health requirements.

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Air Duct Cleaning- what is it?


Air duct cleaning is the service activity of cleaning various parts of the HVAC system. The components include ducts, supply and return registers, heating and cooling coils, furnaces, grilles and diffusers and so on.

In general, EPA suggests cleaning air ducts if there is visible mold, insects or other dirt and debris in the system. You also need professional support if the musty smell is strong, and you cannot find the source. Long-term poor air conditions can cause health problems.

The cleaning process includes but not limited to:

  • Cleaning the entire system; make sure to give access to all the parts of the system. If the HVAC system is not cleaned totally, contamination and reappear and the cleaning benefits reduced.
  • Check if heating and cooling components, metal ducts, blowers, registers, grilles and diffusers are visibly clean.
  • Make sure that all uninstalled or opened parts are installed back properly so, no further leakage is possible. That includes attaching air vents firmly, and filters fit properly, metal and glass parts are in good condition.

The proper installation after the cleaning is crucial because if not, contamination will continue, and you will have to clean the system frequently. Now you know what details to check when you consider how to choose the best air duct cleaning company to clean your HVAC system. For the more detailed checklist, click here.

What to expect from a professional company?


To know how to choose the best air duct cleaning company for air duct cleaning, we must know what to expect from them.

When choosing the company that meets your quality and budget expectations, make sure you have compared at least three of them. Not all companies are knowledgeable equally or suggest identical services.

Check the references before choosing a company to contact.

Ask what chemicals and why the companies use; EPA recommends the usage of the chemicals to kill microbiological contaminants only after all visible mold, debris, dust cleaned mechanically. Check is they use chemicals approved by EPA.

Ask for time estimation, and other support needed from you to clean the whole system. Time depends on the size of the living area, accessibility of the parts, level of contamination and climate area.

Compare companies for price competitiveness, but focus on all the elements to be performed. You may pay less for the service that does not eliminate the contamination problem.

Why choose Golden Line Green Care?


We have described the general process of air duct cleaning and how to choose the best air duct cleaning company. Now, let’s see why you can benefit if you consider us as your contractor for air duct cleaning services:

We follow industry standards and follow all recommended practices while cleaning residential or commercial air ducts—proper methods of air duct cleaning developed by the Canadian Association for HVAC inspection, cleaning and restoration, NADCA.

We use a variety of up-to-date technology suited for each job. We use only environmentally friendly, green cleaning products. All companies professionally performing HVAC cleaning should use only EPA registered chemicals, and those chemicals must be applied only is all mechanical cleaning performed in the first place. We go even further by using only green products to reduce chemical footsteps in the air.

We proudly serve our community for more than 15 years in the Toronto area and have only top-rated reviews from all of our residential and commercial customers.

We are happy to donate some part of every job to Sunnybrook Hospital to protect our community.

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